Nancy Martin

Vice President

My Green Build

Nancy is a performance-driven professional with 20 years of combined expertise in real estate and construction management, as well as, human resources and business administration; including talent, change, operations, and performance management. She has been actively involved and keeps abreast of real estate, contractor, and employment law. Her flexible and natural leadership is displayed through her work ethic and output. She has been referred to as a "strategic architect" in the development of innovative real estate and human resource (HR) initiatives. Nancy is confident, but not cocky, a creative thinker, a problem solver, and thoughtful decision maker. She effectively balances the needs of multiple stakeholders. She has strong communication skills and is excellent at interpersonal relations.

Brings to Board

Executive level experience, knowledge, and wisdom across multiple industries, with a focus on diversity, inclusion, community investment, infrastructure, andnon-profit growth.

Hopes for a Board Seat

Personal reward from servicing the community.


  • financials, hr, leadership, management, mentoring, real estate, reorganization, training and development, zym,