Sarah Boehmer



Sarah was a registered nurse (RN) for 42 years. She has worked in a variety of areas including staffing and management. An HIV/AIDS coordinator for outpatient services at Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan during the early 80s, Sarah gained and utilized expertise in program development and community education. She has served on funding and community health development committees and is an accomplished public speaker. With her return to Madison, she has worked with Dean Health and providing hospice care.

Brings to Board

I have a varied background but have always worked with people and organizations that have been very diverse. I have worked in a profession that required problem-solving skills at all levels. I am thoughtful and respectful of others, listening to their opinions and valuing them. A consensus is vital in making decisions that will guide an organization and allow it to flourish.

Hopes for a Board Seat

I am looking to participate in an organization that will provide support for growth and development in the community. I have missed working in the nonprofit area and hope to use my experience to support the right organization.


  • ability to support others, community education, conflict resolution, good listening skills, patience, problem-solving, program development, team player, zym,