350 Madison Climate Action Team


Board Position Details

We are looking for a Co-Coordinator for our Board (also known as the Coordinating Council). Partnering with our current Co-Coordinator, this position focuses on organizational administration, such as planning and running board meetings, supervising staff, IT coordination, budget development and financial oversight (along with our Treasurer), and policy & procedure development. The position may also plan and/or lead strategic planning and other planning initiatives.

  • Board Term: 2-year term
  • Financial Contribution: Board members are not required to contribute financially.
  • Faith-based Organization: We are not a faith-based organization.
  • Skills: budgeting, human resources, information technology, management, planning, volunteer manageme

About 350 Madison Climate Action Team

350 Madison is dedicated to reducing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere to below the safe level of 350 parts per million. We were founded in 2012 by a diverse group of citizens who shared a deep concern about climate change. We now have an active, growing base of volunteers and supporters in Madison and south-central Wisconsin. We're one of 160 local chapters of 350.org, a global organization fighting climate change, whose network extends to 188 countries.

We have three campaigns:

  • Tar Sands pipelines.  We are committed to blocking the extraction, transport, and processing of dirty tar sands oil. Tar sands are a significant contributor to climate change, and pipeline spills pose a major risk to Wisconsin's environment.
  • Divestment.  We pressure banks, pension funds, and other financial institutions to stop investing in the fossil fuel industry. We encourage individuals to switch to sustainable investments.
  • Fossil-free cities. we work closely with Dane County communities to develop and implement sustainable energy plans and programs.

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