Fishing Has No Boundaries-Madison Chapter

Board Position Details

Corporate representative-We are looking for someone who can interact with corporations, businesses, organizations, etc. to assist with producing this weekend of fishing. It takes approximately 300 volunteers to run this program each year. Marketer-We are also looking for an individual to solicit donations from local and regional businesses to support the cost of the event, which has been approximately $25,000 per year

  • Board Term: There is no term limit for our board members
  • Financial Contribution: Board members are not required to contribute financially.
  • Faith-based Organization: We are not a faith-based organization.
  • Skills: connectivity, creativity, problem solving and a love of peop

About Fishing Has No Boundaries-Madison Chapter

Our organization has provided a weekend of fishing for individuals with physical or mental challenges every July for 24 years on Lake Mendota. Our goals include advancing the use of our area's natural beauty and resources by individuals with challenges, encouraging the interaction between those folks and individuals who do not face such challenges and having a good time as a community.

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