Madison International Partners

Board Position Details

MIP board members provide leadership so Madison International Partners (MIP) continues to improve its ability to build relationships between Americans and Internationals and foster a strong global community in the Madison area. Your commitment requires

  • Attend monthly Board Meetings
  • Attend some MIP events every year (English Conversation Time, Global Spouse Connection, International Dinner, etc.)
  • Attend the Annual Board Planning meeting
  • Serve on at least one MIP Board Committee (Finance, Nominating, Programming, Development, and Marketing)
  • a 3-year term
  • Board Term: 3 years
  • Financial Contribution: Board members are not required to contribute financially.
  • Faith-based Organization: We are a faith-based organization.
  • Skills: administration, fundraising, law • person with whom it is fun to work • knows the international community in madison., marketing, team player • well connected in the community respected by people at other madison organizations, well known in the madison • marketing skills • people with experience at other international organizations or other community organizations • enthus

About Madison International Partners

Madison International Partners (MIP)’s mission is to extend welcome and hospitality services to internationals and promote in-depth cross-cultural exchanges between Americans and internationals in the Madison community. 

We provide a supportive, cross-cultural environment to international students and their families from approximately 130 countries as well as other internationals living and working in the Madison area including refugees. Recognizing that global competency and diversity have become a 21st century imperative and acknowledging the unique needs of internationals and their families during their transition to daily life and their stay in the United States, MIP creates an environment that gives a sense of belonging to internationals in our community and allows Americans to learn about others cultures without leaving Madison.

Have you ever embarked on an exciting adventure with mixed feelings? Being in a situation where you are excited about the experience, but also worried about the unknown ahead of you. That’s how thousands of new international students, visiting scholars, and refugees feel when they arrived in Madison to pursue their academic dreams or resettle while living far away from their families and countries. Most of them experience a brutal culture shock and feel homesick right away. Some of them feel lost in their transition as there are too many things to learn at once. Where the grocery stores are. How academia works. How to open a bank account. How the bus system works. How to meet American and make new friends. How to prepare for the cold Wisconsin winter?

Those are just some of the questions they have to navigate. This is why MIP’s role is essential, we connect, support, and enhance the experience. We welcome internationals and help them have a smooth transition. 

Madison International Partners provides a unique service opportunity; a unique way to shows hospitality to new internationals in our city. For example, this fall, MIP volunteers demonstrated their willingness to share American hospitality to new people in our city by providing airport pickups and bus depot services to 150 new international students and visiting scholars. Additionally, every year, more than 2500 new internationals have been improving their English skills; learn more about American culture; and making new friends through some our programs and activities such as English Conversation Time, International Cooking & Dinner, Friendship program, and Apple picking.

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