Occupy Madison Inc.


Board Position Details

The members of the Board of Directors are collectively responsible to ensure effective and fiscally-sound programs and operations by providing vision, leadership, advice, and direction to the members, stewards of the Tiny Houses, and volunteers of the organization.

We are a working board and are looking for potential Board members that have experience or knowledge in one or more of the areas— grant research, secretarial, fundraising, event coordination— descriptions below.

The secretary takes minutes at the Board and General Membership meetings, serves as the custodian of the organization's records, does official correspondence, and keeps the official membership role.  

Grant Researcher
The grant researcher searches for grant sources that are appropriate for our organization's goal of obtaining enough funds to add an addition to the main building.  The addition will accommodate a community room, a commercial kitchen, and laundry facilities.

Fundraising Group Coordinator
The Fundraising Group Coordinator should have knowledge or experience in fundraising for an organization and an ability to work with social media. 

Plant Sale Coordinator
The Plant sale Coordinator should have a working knowledge of germinating plants, preparing the soil for the plants, and potting the plants. 

  • Board Term: One Year Term
  • Financial Contribution: Board members are not required to contribute financially.
  • Faith-based Organization: We are not a faith-based organization.
  • Skills: communication, fundraising, grant research, grant writing, teamwo

About Occupy Madison Inc.

In 2014, Occupy Madison created OM Village, a tiny house eco-village in the Emerson East neighborhood of Madison, Wi.  It is the first tiny house village in the US that is located in a residential neighborhood.  Five adults now live in the five tiny houses, each about 100 square feet in size.  They share a kitchen and bathroom facilities and manage the village communally.  OM Village also includes a community woodworking shop where people volunteer under the supervision of skilled woodworkers to make wooden crafts to sell in the OM Village store.  The proceeds help pay our mortgage, utility bills, and along with donations and grants, are helping us to accumulate enough money to expand our Village to nine houses. 

Our mission is to help alleviate homelessness one Tiny House at a time and to serve as a model for other communities to help alleviate homelessness in their community.

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