Wisconsin Faith Voices for Justice


Board Position Details

We are a small, all-volunteer, state-wide, 501c3 organization. We seek a diverse board - geographically, religiously, ethnically, in terms of age and gender. Our board members serve in an advisory capacity, but also are encouraged to take an active role in planning and implementing programs according to individual interests and abilities; fundraising; and annual program planning and budgeting. Board members are not required to make a financial commitment, but are strongly encouraged to do so.

  • Board Term: At-large Board serve for two (2) years and may serve a second consecutive (2) year term or until their successor is named.
  • Financial Contribution: Board members are not required to contribute financially.
  • Faith-based Organization: We are a faith-based organization.
  • Skills: advocacy, faith community, financial, interfaith work, legislation, public poli


interest in interfaith work; connection to a faith community; interest in advocacy; knowledge of the legislative process and public policy; financial

About Wisconsin Faith Voices for Justice

Wisconsin Faith Voices for Justice draws on the wisdom, courage, and strength of our various faith traditions to advance the common good. United as progressive people of faith, we move people and government through education and advocacy to raise the dignity and address the needs of the hungry, poor, and marginalized, to care for the sick, and to lift up all voices. We engage faith communities through our Poverty Simulation; a three-session advocacy workshop - Moving From Charity to Justice; and our Minimum Wage Challenge. We are the backbone organization for the Dignity at Work Coalition which brings together faith organizations, direct service organizations, advocacy organizations, and labor to work together on issues that make for sustainable work that helps us sustain our families. We are the main organizers of the Dane Sanctuary Coalition, and we have an active Interfaith Community Building initiative.

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