Cassandra Bishop

Development Coordinator

Gorman & Company

By the year 2020, Cassandra hopes to be enrolled in law school specializing in Public Interest or Civil/Human Rights law. She cares passionately about positively improving the lives of others, especially those who are disadvantaged— financially, socially, mentally or physically. She enjoys a challenge, looks for opportunities to learn and grow, and is independent and self-aware. Cassandra is adaptable and enthusiastic. She thrives under pressure and wants to make a difference.

Brings to Board

I will passionately advocate for the board's mission to further the goals of the organization. I love Madison, and want to see it become the best city it can for its constituents. I look forward to building community relations, and using my skills to contribute to something bigger than myself.

Hopes for a Board Seat

I hope to join a board that makes a positive difference in the lives of its community members. I want to learn more about why I can do in my community, and how I can make a change for the better. I hope to meet leaders in the community that I can learn from, and work with to grow.


  • advocacy, creative thinking, development, legal, marketing, research, teamwork,