Jen Neuls

Incubation Lead


Strategy is Jen Neuls jam. She loves helping organizations map the journey of measurable actions to get from point A to point B. She's great at getting you to harvest good ideas, helping you learn how to pick the best of the ideas collected, and implementing them at the right time with the right approach. Jen specializes in designing solutions that solve complex problems, setting focused and measurable goals then scaling up to meet them, and road mapping the way to greatness. Jen also has a background in theater production, brick-and-mortar retail, online retail, nonprofits, healthcare IT, and customer service sectors. She is can offer insights on strategies, processes, and workflows for success.

Brings to Board

I bring my innovative problem solving, strategic goal-setting skills, and guidance for organizational and process scaling. I also have knowledge of the unique needs of nonprofits from my own experience as a former nonprofit professional.

Hopes for a Board Seat

My wish is to amplify an organization's work by serving with my abilities, get to know more people in our community, and expand my skill set.


  • doing more with less, goal-setting, more skills, operations, problem-solving, process improvement, scaling,