Jennifer Green


shu shu design

Sixteen years ago, Jenny founded 'shu shu design' and has been working with owners, professionals and other leaders who run progressive and socially responsible businesses, non-profits, cooperatives, and institutions. She helps them reach their goals with beautiful, responsive websites, effective print communication, and packaging that stands out on the shelf or online. She recently, also founded When We Lead. When We Lead's mission is to help level the playing field for underfunded female startups. She offers advice, tips, and resources for women founders to build their own brands, using free and affordable tools. Her superpower is figuring out how to get the job done, especially when all the answers aren't readily available.

Brings to Board

16 years of entrepreneurial and visual design experience along with highly organized project management and compassionate people skills.

Hopes for a Board Seat

New relationships, contribute to a better Madison


  • mentoring, networking, project management, research, writing,