Tammy Taylor


CrossGen Solutions LLC

After a successful 20 year career in a very large international corporation, I pivoted to contract consulting and applying my knowledge, skills, and abilities to positively impact small- to mid-size for-profit organizations across several industries. My expertise is cross-functional and includes areas such as: strategic planning & execution, business transformation, process improvement, people change management and difficult business issue resolution. Although I have significant volunteer experience, it has not been at the board level. My goal is to more fully engage in the non-profit community to drive successful and valuable change.

Brings to Board

I have been blessed to hold positions that provided broad and deep head knowledge and hands-on experience across many functional areas. I am a problem solver. I drive positive organizational change. I can facilitation development of the strategic plan but can also execute and address issues as they arise.

Hopes for a Board Seat

I know that value for money means more than revenue and profit but it is increasingly more difficult to see this in the for-profit corporate world. Chasing profit has resulted in me having less time to give back to the community and I want that to change in a significant and meaningful way in 2019 and beyond. I want to make a difference that cannot be measured in dollars and cents.


  • business development, business transformation, contracting, financial management, leadership, operations management, people change management, process improvement, risk identification & mitigation, strategic planning,