Tony Roberts

Production Team Leader

GE Healthcare

Tony is a passionate life-long learner. A recent graduate in biomedical engineering, he brings mission, vision, strength of character and charisma to his work, life, and the projects he cares about. He thrives to live a life that inspires others to excel as well. Tony is currently gaining a breadth of experiences in medical device development, new product introduction, manufacturing processes, lean, six sigma, data analytics, data visualization, and wing-to-wing supply chain operations through the Operations Management Leadership (OMLP) at GE Healthcare. He hopes to continue integrating that new growth and experience with board service so he can help work to create thriving organizations that are inspirational to the individuals lives they touch.

Brings to Board

I bring years of leadership experience in myriad of organizations and serving at different levels in rank. I’m a visionary, team player and integrator known to deliver results.

Hopes for a Board Seat

I want to gain a wealth of experience and knowledge of the intricacies involved in running a nonprofit. I would like to meet other high achieving, intelligent and ambitious individuals while contributing to a noble cause.


  • change management and analytics, leadership, operations excellence, organizational development, strategy development, zym,