Breast Cancer Recovery

Breast Cancer Recovery offers wellness retreats- Infinite Boundaries- for women in all stages of breast cancer - newly diagnosed, in treatment and many years finished with treatment. Women ages 21 - 80 have attended our retreats. Breast Cancer Recovery also offers an annual educational program, Sharing the Knowledge.


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Our retreats are specifically designed to help women find inner strength and experience the hope needed to live each day beyond the boundaries of breast cancer. Thus the name “Infinite Boundaries Retreats.” We host more than 100 women each year. Yet the need is much greater than that.

What goes on at a retreat? Survivors discuss the issues surrounding their breast cancer, they participate in activities that encourage them to spread their wings, and they build bonds with new-found sisters. It’s all part of the journey to heal emotionally.

Board Position

The Breast Cancer Recovery Board of Directors is seeking talented people who represent a wide range of skills and interests from throughout the state. We would like to have a working board of 10 - 14 members, with 10 members at the moment.

While comprised of volunteers, the BCR Board of Directors is a working board in which members are expected to contribute their talents to a variety of activities such as fundraising, event planning, and programs, to name a few. Breast Cancer Recovery's mission is to provide environments for women breast cancer survivors to heal emotionally.

All programs are designed and conducted by survivors for survivors. BCR board members are also expected to be involved in BCR's committees and events.