Families and Schools Together, Inc.

No matter where they may live, what language they speak, or what circumstances they live in, parents love and want the very best for their children. Yet at one time or another, virtually every family faces challenges – from health problems to economic instability – that affect parents’ ability to provide the care and guidance that children need. Families & Schools Together is a non-profit organization that exists to make a critical difference in family and children's lives by empowering parents, strengthening families, developing social networks, and supporting schools and communities so that children can thrive.


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FAST® is an internationally-acclaimed parent engagement program that supports the family bonding necessary for children to thrive. Built on evidence-based practices and rigorously tested, FAST: Empowers parents as leaders of their families, Builds positive connections and social capital between families and schools, and Creates a supportive community engaged in fostering children’s well-being and education. During FAST, families have an opportunity to spend time together, eat a meal, play games, and get to know other families. The FAST Team invites families to “just try it once.” The result: 80% of families who attend one FAST Session will successfully complete the program – one of the highest retention rates among parent empowerment programs. After a single FAST Cycle, children’s school behavior improves and emotional problems diminish at home and at school. Parent-child bonding strengthens and family conflict declines. Academic performance improves and children get along better with their parents and with their peers. In short, FAST applies research and evidence-based family therapy practices to promote the full potential of every child. Another program is the FAST Institute, building on 30 years of the evidence-based family engagement program. The FAST® Institute of Family Engagement trains school staff to partner with families in support of children’s education and well-being. By blending best practices in teacher training and family and community engagement into interactive, whole-school workshops and ongoing coaching, the FAST Institute helps schools to create a more welcoming environment for families of all racial, cultural, linguistic, and socioeconomic backgrounds. When schools and families are collaborating as partners, families feel empowered to advocate for their children, and academic achievement among children increases.


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