Foundation for Madison’s Public Schools, Inc.

Mission: The Foundation is committed to supporting the education of every child by raising private funds, awarding grants, developing community partnerships, and advocating for Madison’s public schools.


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Our Work – Schools Make Madison

• Public Schools are the Heart of Madison: our children, our families, our neighborhoods, our businesses… our present and our future.

• The Foundation for Madison’s Public Schools is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit business dedicated to our public schools.

• We are your partner to connect you with our 50 public schools.

• Incorporated in 2001, the Foundation has amassed an impressive track record:

 We have given more than $20 million back to our schools.

 We have secured more than $8 million in assets, including more than $5 million in 93 different endowments.

 We partner with MMSD and raise funds and provide marketing support to promote our public schools.

 We have established a dedicated endowment for each of our 50 schools, a first in our country.

 We manage more than 170 funds, dedicated to a wide array of interests across the Madison school district.

 We have hosted over 1,000 community leaders in our schools through our A Principal Experience program.

 48 of our schools receive resources through more than 70 community partnerships coordinated and overseen by our Adopt-a-School program.

• The Foundation also offers the Madison Public Schools Alumni Network, a comprehensive program connecting alumni of all public schools from around the country with our current student body.

• The Foundation manages the Madison Public Schools Legacy Circle, honoring individuals who have arranged for an estate gift benefiting our work.


Board Position

We are seeking potential board member candidates, non-board committee members, and individuals interested in MMSD referenda/advocacy work.