Hip Circle Empowerment Center

Hip Circle is a vibrant Bellydance and Fitness Studio created to make health and wellness accessible to women of all ages, shapes, and ethnicities. If you identify as a woman you are welcomed and accepted here. Our Goal: To inspire Confidence, Health, and Joy through all the stages of your life. Our Mission: Through dance, fitness, and community we empower ALL women to believe they are strong, beautiful, and worthy of attention.

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Our studio was founded by Malik Turley in 2010, with a focus on Bellydancing, Zumba, and Fitness. We have since expanded to offer a broad variety of classes, workshops and community events. The more Malik has worked with women, the more fully she has witnessed the impact of body image on self-esteem–how a woman’s self-worth was often tied to her body. She decided to reinforce the physical and emotional benefits of strength vs the common focus on appearance. Hip Circle honors your inherent power and worth as a woman. You’ll experience this through our guiding philosophy, and through a diversity of dance and fitness classes, workshops, and events—all led from a place of acceptance and celebration of a woman’s uniqueness and strength. As a community-minded space, we are an active member of the Howard Street Merchants Group and the Black Owned Business Consortium of Evanston/Northshore.

Board Position

Our board members provide intellectual capital and strategic resources to power Hip Circle's success and strengthen the community of women we serve. You could be one of those individuals!

- Are you committed to sharing your time and talents?

- Do you have the skills and expertise that could benefit Hip Circle?

- Are you willing to be an enthusiastic advocate for Hip Circle and encourage others to get involved? Serving on our board is a wonderful way to support women AND a powerful way to build your own skills and expertise.

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November 01 2021

1 year, 3 years, 2 years

fundraising financial, leadership team work, organizing strategic planning,