Little John’s Restaurant

A non-profit restaurant that uses grocery store excess to produce delicious meals while training military veterans to cook, while serving food at a pay-what-you-can model.


Contact Information


We take grocery store excess from local grocery stores and produce amazing chef-quality meals that are accessible to everyone. While producing the meals we are training veterans how to cook, while paying them a living wage, for 6 months, and then afterwards help them either with job placement in a kitchen or with a culinary scholarship to Madison College.

The meals are then distributed in a food truck and are offered at a pay what you can price. Meaning some may pay $20, and some may pay little or even nothing.

Board Position

We are looking to grow our board. We would love someone who loves to network and has time to help grow the organization with us. Fundraising experience is a HUGE plus, although once our restaurant is up and running in full, we should be able to self sustain without full-time fundraising.