PAWWS to Heal

PAWWS to heal offers animal-assisted therapy and animal-assisted activity to children healing from abuse and to help cope with physical disabilities.


Contact Information


PAWWS to Heal has developed several structured programs to use with animals for the children victims of abuse to assist in working through their trauma. We have no paid employee's only volunteer's, we are outreach currently, We are looking to expand for an onsite facility about 5 acres to be able to provide more programs, animals, and therapy sessions in the Dane County area. We are looking for passionate board members to achieve this goal and vision


Board Position

We are looking for multiple passionate people that will work with PAWWS to Heal vision we are looking for people that have grant writing, marketing, business, legal, therapy skills. We are looking to start with people that can move the current organization as an outreach to an on-site facility. Most important would be grant writing to provide funding, business for a business plan and legal aid to assist in accurate legal papers needed.