Social Justice Center

Located on Williamson Street, right in the heart of the East side of Madison, the Social Justice Center strives to be a vibrant hub of social justice activity, collaboration, and activism. The Social Justice Center houses 11 local organizations critical to our community and serves as an incubator for start-up organizations.


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Our mission is to provide space for organizations to succeed in their pursuit of social justice, where the community can come together in support of the common good. We are currently home to 11 nonprofits and cooperatives. The SJC facilities also include an art gallery, community meeting spaces, storage for community organizations and a neighborhood rain garden. Through shared responsibilities and governance, our aim is to create an inspiring and collaborative environment where local nonprofits, activists, artists and members of the Madison community can access resources, support, and services needed to thrive. We are in the process of evolving from a shared office building to a collaborative community center that enables our organizations to partner more effectively to serve a wider audience and as a nonprofit that has the internal capacity to address issues community members bring to us on a daily basis. We recently renovated and it has made a big difference in the overall atmosphere but we are embarking on a big fundraising effort to enable our bigger vision to become reality.


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