Amy Hilgendorf



I provide community-based research, program evaluation, and other kinds of outreach services to nonprofit organizations and community groups. My skillset is equal parts social research, stakeholder engagement, and group facilitation. I grew up in Madison and bring my community knowledge and community mindedness to all that I do. I seek to live out my strong commitments to anti-racism and fighting oppression in my day-to-day personal and professional lives.

Brings to Board

I bring skills in applied research and program evaluation – working with data, collecting survey and interview data, examining outcomes, and using data to inform program refinements. I bring passion around social justice and climate justice, and caring for children and families. Through my work, I also bring knowledge of the nonprofit sector broadly as well as the resources of the university that may be of value to organizations.

Hopes for a Board Seat

Experience you hope to gain

I am hoping to get more personal experience with how boards operate. I would be most interested in working with a small organization and/or an organization seeking to navigate some significant transition. (My time is limited, however, as a parent of young children, full-time professional, and other family and community involvements.)

Hours you can work


  • group facilitation
  • social research
  • stakeholder engagement