Chris Young



I have worked in the realm of project management for the past 3 years and operations management prior to that for a movie theater/restaurant company. I am currently enrolled in the MBA program at UW Whitewater going for a dual emphasis in Management and Finance. I see myself growing within my organization over the next 2-3 years, with a focus on the operations/finance side of the business. I aim to keep growing professionally through the MBA program, my current position, and volunteering within my community.

Brings to Board

I have a degree in Finance, Banking, & Real Estate from the University of Nebraska - Omaha. Notably, in working at Marcus, I worked to establish 14 different food & beverage outlets from conception through opening day. I gained knowledge from many different aspects of the business in this role and continued my professional development by working as a project manager at Epic. I then took on a consulting position, which lead to full time at The Alliance. I am furthering my knowledge in Management and Finance through the MBA program at UW Whitewater. I am looking to offer my finance/leadership skills in my role on an organization's board.

Hopes for a Board Seat

I already enjoy donating my time to various community driven events such as Mustard Day, Brat Fest, and more. I would also like to volunteer my professional skills by joining a board to grow - not only myself but the organization I am volunteering with. I will always volunteer at the events I enjoy but would like to take the next step in volunteering my professional skills.

Experience you hope to gain

I am looking to strengthen my leadership skills, and further my experience in connecting with professionals in my community. I want to contribute to and grow with organizations within my surrounding community.

Hours you can work


  • consumer lending
  • customer service
  • leadership
  • non-profit volunteerism
  • project management
  • training and development