Claudia Matta Ramly



I have 9 years of experience in Training and Education with a demonstrated history of designing and developing training programs for over 18 countries in the MENA region.

I am skilled in instructional design, public speaking, and building the T&E curriculum and am passionate about Learning and Development. I also have experience working in the health care and pharmaceutical industry.

T&E professional with a Masters in Public Health (MPH) including a subspecialty in Health Management and Policy Making from the American University of Beirut. Recipient of the Stephen Penrose Award for the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences at AUB. Currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology at UW Madison

Brings to Board

Curriculum Design, learning and development, develop training programs, medical education, patient education, facilitation, mentoring, needs assessments for training programs, instructional design models, curriculum analysis, multilingual, nutrition and dietetics, public health professional.

Hopes for a Board Seat

I have a wide range of experiences in various fields (Education, medical technologies, pharmaceuticals, hospitals), and am also interested to provide my services and knowledge to others, as well as learn from other’s expertise and help them advance towards their goals and vision. I speak four languages, and have a passion for teaching, training and learning.

Experience you hope to gain

I would love a chance to practice skills I don’t currently use at work. I enjoy developing training programs, and helping others identify training needs and then build a curriculum for it (starting from the agenda, objectives, all the way to the day that the training will be delivered). Also, having recently moved here, I would love to build a community, get to meet people, exchange ideas and experiences, and of course to continue learning and developing new skills.

Hours you can work


  • critical thinking
  • diabetes
  • healthcare management
  • leadership. also
  • public health
  • public speaking
  • teamwork