Douglass Belt



I have a wife and two children and grew up in Duluth, MN. I have traveled all over the United States and around Europe. I have over 20 years of sales experience, sales training, managing in the financial industry as well as the insurance industry. I am highly driven and believe that if you really want something, you will figure a way to get it done.

I am an avid outdoorsman and love to hike, camp and explore new trails and enjoy the peacefulness of nature. Whether that is on a lake or in the woods, I am most happy when I get to be in nature. I would like to be on the board of a non-profit and helping make a difference with peoples lives or making a positive impact in our natural environment.

Brings to Board

My 20 years of working with all levels of business titles and industries, has helped me relate to different people and helped improve my listening skills. I feel that I can bring ideas on how to help make a positive, memorable impression with people. Trying to find a solution that solves a problem or challenge for people is a skill that I have learned in my sales, training, and management career and one that I can see being beneficial as a board member.

Hopes for a Board Seat

I believe, like many, that it is important to give back to the community. No matter what our own situations we owe it to others to help provide support, knowledge, guidance to others to help make a positive memorable impact. As my daughter says, "Well dad, it could always be worse." I take those words to heart because I know that it could and that I am fortunate in so many ways that I feel I owe it to others to help make a positive, memorable impact. I have been looking for an opportunity to get involved and share whatever skills, knowledge and talents I can to do just that. It is not about ego or attention but I believe that our legacy is defined by not how much we fill our own pockets, rather, how much we fill the pockets of others.

Experience you hope to gain

I am looking to get more involved in the community so that I can better understand the challenges and needs of the organization and how that will positively impact the community moving forward. You cannot solve a problem or provide a need until you are on the ground floor and understand fully the issue or challenge at hand.

Hours you can work


  • business development
  • business strategy
  • coaching
  • group facilitation
  • leadership
  • lean transformation
  • program management
  • sales
  • training