Dr. Shawn Peters



I'm an educator and writer who has worked with low-income and first-generation college students for many years. Along the way, I've worn multiple hats, including college instructor, advocate, and scholar. I bring to the table a commitment to equity and diversity as well as a analytical eye and a knack for problem-solving. What's more, I am seasoned enough to know that to address hard problems, you need to put in hard work. (Listening goes a long way, too.)

Brings to Board

I am a strategic thinker who has put together several strategic plans and federal grant proposals. Having published six books, I understand what it takes to gather, synthesize, and interpret information in a manner that is broadly accessible to the public. I'm also an experienced public speaker and presenter (having testified before state legislature, appeared on TV, etc.).

Hopes for a Board Seat

I don't think it's enough to simply talk or tweet about addressing important issues in our community. Action, not simply rhetoric, is key. In my professional life, I work to improve marginalized students' lives on a daily basis, and I would bring that same kind of commitment to serving on a board.

Experience you hope to gain

I really look forward to being part of a diverse team and learning creative ways to better serve my community.

Hours you can work


  • community outreach
  • curriculum design
  • editing
  • grant writing
  • higher education
  • leadership
  • public speaking
  • research
  • social media
  • strategic planning