Jason Coons



Disruption. It can bring great success and failure. I feel that those who are fueled by an inner passion to do more, to be more, and to serve, can truly achieve a level of disruption that can make a lasting difference. We must be curious about the future and be fueled by something greater than ourselves to achieve the impossible.

I continually find myself in a place where I desire to learn more, to serve, and to make a lasting difference in our society. We live in a time where incremental improvement and innovation are not enough to create the paradigm shift required to make the kind of difference needed to bring a healthier tomorrow. My passion centers on creating true change and value creation that could challenge the paradigm and result in what I hope to be a disruptive innovation.

Nearly my entire career has centered on healthcare and the need for improvement. From my various roles in medical devices, consulting, process improvement, health care, and now managed care; there is one common thread, to make tomorrow a better place than today. I enjoy mentoring others with a passion for them to grow beyond what even they knew was possible.

Brings to Board

Starbucks planning, data driven decision, planning and organization, broad view of the healthcare industry, continuous improvement philosophy

Hopes for a Board Seat

Experience you hope to gain

I’m looking to give back and support organizations to grow and thrive.

Hours you can work


  • data analysis
  • interpersonal communication
  • leadership
  • technology