Katrin Madayag-Ard



My focus is on the "Welcome!" I'm in the hospitality industry, and I act as a brand ambassador, sharing what Destination Madison is and what we have to offer in experiences and inspiration to event planners and their attendees. I'm also a Madison Roller Derby skater with a wide variety of leadership experience, from captainship to marketing to sponsorship.

Brings to Board

Skills: I have the most experience in sales, marketing and partnerships. I'm specifically in sales and work at developing relationships with clients and stakeholders. I am detail-oriented and experienced in planning, project management and administrative work professionally and personally. I consider myself tech-savvy and am always open to new ideas and risks. Vision: Every year, I set guiding principles or questions for myself to live a more intentional and mindful life. This year, I am asking myself "How am I changing the game?" My vision to be part of a non-profit board is to contribute my skills to an organization looking to affect change and better the quality of life for people in this world. I envision helping an organization in the spheres of civil rights, social justice and accessibility. I'm especially interested in diversity and inclusion needs, under-represented groups and working mothers. Ideas: I think of myself as a collaborative brainstormer! I like having the facts and situations laid out in front of me and providing input, feedback and ideas as we chat through our goals. I believe strongly in the power of happenstance with good ideas, and if on a board, I would do my best to contribute ideas from a variety of perspectives.

Hopes for a Board Seat

I wish to serve on a board to help and impact change. I have a sticker on my office wall that reminds me every day "You are an agent of change." In 2020, my personal motto has been "Change the Game." I'm generally using this as a guiding principle to determine where to spend my bandwidth - in places where I can give back to the community and not only leverage skills I have, but also further build skills I wish to have for further personal and professional development.

Experience you hope to gain

I would like to be part of a working board. I am hoping to grow my skills in strategic planning, marketing, fund development and partnerships. I'm also strongly interested in event planning. I would also like to expand my local and state network in order to continue understanding how best I can contribute to betterment of our communities in Madison and Wisconsin. My availability varies, and I'd like to speak with non-profits on expected time commitments outside weekdays and early weekday evenings.

Hours you can work


  • leadership
  • management
  • technology
  • writing