Melissa Kehoe



Melissa is a passionate, results-driven financial expert who focuses on developing creative solutions to meet organizations’ objectives. She has spent her career helping for-profit organizations with financial expertise including accounting, financial analysis, budgeting, process improvements, strategic planning, communications and storytelling. Melissa hopes to bring her leadership strengths, fresh perspective and collaborative energy to non-profit organizations to help the needs of our community.

Brings to Board

In addition to my financial technical skill set, I will bring a strong work ethic, accountability, curiosity and leadership experience to an organization. My experience in my current role has taught me the importance and art of storytelling in connecting and inspiring people of our purpose. My previous consulting-based experiences have taught me the importance of listening to understand what is important and creatively solve those problems. I would like to bring my entire self and all my skills to put toward good use for an organization.

Hopes for a Board Seat

I want to give back and spend my time invested in doing good for our community. Being relatively new to Madison and a new mom which has consumed most of my recent time, I have not had as much of an opportunity as I would have liked to connect with this amazing community. I want that to change. There are a lot of great people doing great work that may need my skills and I am now ready and willing to lend them.

Experience you hope to gain

I am hoping for a position that would allow me to leverage my diverse skill set to further an organization’s mission while also allowing me to learn new skills and take on new challenges. Primarily I am looking for an experience that will provide me a deeper connection to a particular cause and strengthen my connection to the amazing community that surrounds me.

Hours you can work


  • accounting
  • assurance
  • auditing
  • cpa
  • financial reporting
  • tax