Zach Lauersdorf



My every day professional goal is to help organization reach their full potential through people. I am a total rewards consultant that helps organizations to competitively pay and reward their employees. I also help organizations improve employee engagement by administering surveys, analyzing results, and creating action plans to move the dial on engagement. Each day I strive to be my best self while learning critical skills along the way. Eventually, I hope this leads to a leadership position sometime in the future.

Brings to Board

Working in the consulting profession, I have the opportunity to work with and learn from many organizations (including other nonprofits) on how to operate. I am exposed to many challenges that these organizations face, and am tasked to propose viable solutions. I believe my analytical and problem solving skills can be a positive trait to help a nonprofit move forward.

Hopes for a Board Seat

I want to give back to the community by participating in a nonprofit I am passionate about.

I want to use my HR consulting experience to help solve problems within an organization.

I want to gain more experience on addressing organization issues not specifically related to HR.

I want to learn from others with different perspectives, knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Experience you hope to gain

I want to continue having the opportunity to oversee the activities of an organization and to provide possible solutions to issues. I look forward to working with others in the community to gain a more diverse perspective than my own. I am looking for a working board.

Hours you can work


  • compensation design
  • customer service
  • employee engagement
  • human resources
  • management
  • problem-solving
  • public speaking
  • sales
  • talet management
  • teamwork